Golden Hour

It has been many moons since I last wrote here but I'm back with a burst of inspiration and creativity and ready to jump back into the game! And because I'm about two months into no sunlight here in Antarctica, I'd like to look back at a time last September when the sun shone its golden light on my very golden skirt. 

These were taken, of course, by my Louisville partner-in-crime, Susan Stewart of Love Hunters and I couldn't be happier with what we created. I started this outfit with the skirt which I had thrifted only days prior (after seeing them on everyone from Gucci to Forever 21) and was desperate to break it out. At the time, I had a little extra weight on me and while a cropped top would have been my ideal, we work with what we feel best in and I felt best in this cool vintage tunic with high side slits and badass zippered sleeves. From there it was a matter of adding more black and gold to the mix - though I do want to try this out with some prints or some bright red or orange accessories - and voila! An outfit with a glam gold skirt on a warm, gold evening.

Wearing: Thrifted skirt// Vintage tunic from Acorn Apparel// Vintage earrings, purse, and ring from Street Scene Vintage// sunglasses from BZR Shop// and heels from DSW//

Spring Dreaming

As the sun continues to set here in Antarctica, my mind wanders to these photos, taken by Susan Stewart of Love Hunters early last fall. It was so warm and the evening was so fun, it's hard not to wish to be in the States for the oncoming spring, too. Greenery! Oh, how I miss thee. The polar landscape has it's own breathtaking vistas (we've already had some austral auroras!) so I can't truly complain, but these photos do create a tinge of sadness and lust for warmth.

Taken in Forage, an incredibly beautiful and curated greenery showroom and event stylist on Frankfurt Avenue in Louisville, KY, these photos are a harbinger of spring come none too soon. Though nothing too new, I always think of florals in such a romantic way, which is why when I found this dress at my favorite Goodwill, I immediately thought of English countrysides and a bite in the air, which is why I paired it with a long overcoat and over-the-ankle boots (fur lined, no less!).  Susan felt the same way, too and suggested Forage as a backdrop, which was a stroke of thematic genius.

In an effort to help out those with more time on their hands than searching through racks and racks of clothes at thrift stores or tabs and tabs of pages on Etsy, below you'll find a bunch of floral dresses that I absolutely adore, and hope you do, too!

//Wearing a vintage thrifted dress, jacket and earrings// Forever21 belt// & Other Stories boots// vintage Gianfranco Ferre glasses//

I started looking for long sleeve floral dresses but ended up throwing in a few others I thought were pretty!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10


Follow Susan/Love Hunters on Instagram here and Forage here!

Best Pants Dance

While I am currently nestled in the McMurdo Sound of Antarctica right now, I was lucky enough to be able to work with my friend and incredible photographer, Susan of Love Hunters before I left! She has such a great eye for light and color and it is always such an honor to be able to be in front of her camera. It's thanks to her, too, that I was able to set up a makeshift studio in my home - so thank you Susan for all that you do, you angel-woman! Anyhow, with the little time we had to shoot together, we were able to squeeze in four outfits in the Frankfort Avenue area of my hometown, Louisville, KY. This is the first and my personal favorite (these pants! I can't even.) of the four but we found great light and got lots of odd stares and had a great time all around. This particular mural resides on the wall of one Hilltop Tavern, a spot I used to frequent while in town...

...but you came here for the clothes, right? So here we go!

WEARING: Helmut Lang blazer via TheRealReal, thrifted sweater, top, and shoes, Rag&Bone pants via TheRealReal, vintage brass purse, glasses, and necklace.

WEARING: Helmut Lang blazer via TheRealReal, thrifted sweater, top, and shoes, Rag&Bone pants via TheRealReal, vintage brass purse, glasses, and necklace.


There are few things that get this girl as excited as really good pants (see here), so this post should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me or has been following me for a bit. What should also come as no surprise is the fact that I snagged these from TheRealReal - literally the only place I've found that has accessible designer clothing at great prices with a huge range to choose from and a clean interface from which to shop. Vintage and thrifted clothes are my bread and butter, but I also know I can't find everything I need scouring racks of other people's castaways. True designer items are durable, beautiful, and if you shop right, ethically made. They are also pricey which is why I do all of my designer shopping with TheRealReal. These silk pants were only $35! WHAT. I'm not only wearing these amazing pants I snagged from them, but also this Helmut Lang blazer I got years ago and have found it to be a true hero piece of my wardrobe.

Because these Rag&Bone pants are just so perfect I could burst, I decided to keep everything else subdued, but tactile. Enter: all the black. I knew I wanted a long top that flared to truly make the blazer, with it's raised back design, sing. But the neckline was all wrong, so I threw on a cropped black sweater to create a nice palette for my long vintage pendant necklace. This look is pretty business-y so why not loafers to really sell the idea? Finally, this brass purse could honestly top off any outfit with panache, but the structure, color and swing all seemed like the right fit.

P.s. Watch out for that dolphin. He seems like he's up to something.

P.s. Watch out for that dolphin. He seems like he's up to something.

The Singlehood of the Traveling Pants

This summer I had the immense pleasure of thrifting all over the country (a.k.a. THE DREAM). Starting in L.A., three friends and I worked our way to the east coast in our beat-up Volvo wagon (one of two cars we bought during the trip...UGH), stuffed to the gills with found treasures. Arizona proved especially fortuitous for our hunting and I'd score a dope mustard linen jacket/skirt set here, a pair of navy velvet heels there, but nothing compared to the one single best find of the whole trip I scored in Burlington, Vermont. Enter: Rackk & Ruin Jewelry and Vintage. It was in that hallowed building that I found the perfect pair of red, wide leg, high-waisted pants. 


Please, contain your excitement.


While I know most people don't daydream of the perfect wide-leg pants - I DO (no judgments, people, this is a safe space). I'm such a pant fiend and an avid believer that the right pair of effortless pantaloons can really take any outfit to the next level. Below, because a woman in love does crazy things, I've styled up my beloved pants three different ways in case you ever find yourself in the crosshairs of your own dream pair.


Look 1: Casual day at the marina for a ribbon cutting for the newest addition to your fleet of jet-skis

So you want to look fancy but not too try-hard, huh? Well, throw on a casual striped sweater to tuck into your tomato pants. It's a casual event (it's just jet-skis now, but you're working your way to your first fishing boat), so heels aren't necessarily a requirement but you keep your footwork fancy with a pair of clear plastic oxfords. Your stripes scream seasoned sailor and your earrings call for cocktails. S.S.BADASS, here you come!

2016-09-25 12.04.48 1.jpg
Look 1: Vintage thrifted sweater, vintage pants, Kelsi Dagger shoes, vintage jewelry and glasses

Look 1: Vintage thrifted sweater, vintage pants, Kelsi Dagger shoes, vintage jewelry and glasses

Look 2: Restaurant opening for your friend's newest Italian eatery/movie theatre combo

Your pants and shoes beg for MORE MARINARA, your earrings match the fancy tassels that hold the theatre curtains back, and your blouse allows for extra pasta primavera + popcorn. It's an odd combination for an evening out but you're a theme dresser to your core, love a challenge, and know that everything you're wearing is machine washable should your pasta zeal overflow.

Look 2: Doo.Ri top, vintage pants, earrings, bracelets and heels

Look 2: Doo.Ri top, vintage pants, earrings, bracelets and heels

Look 3: Charter Citizen of Slouch City, USA

So you have an allergy to tight clothes and minis? Come one, come all to Slouch City! Here we wear long layers of minimal decoration and maximal proportions. Insouciant attitude a must, neck exposure optional.

Look 3: Forever21 dress, H&M trench, vintage pants, sandals, glasses and watch

Look 3: Forever21 dress, H&M trench, vintage pants, sandals, glasses and watch

Seriously, check out Rackk&Ruin for an impeccable curation of vintage clothing or for her very cool line of jewelry she makes in her bright and beautiful studio. These pants have changed the game, thanks Molly!

Gucci-nacci Sequins

That's right, people, a DOUBLE pun in the title because sequins (& flowers) are the name of the Gucci game and I am HERE FOR IT. Anyone who knows me knows that I love sequins to my core; I wish the marrow that runs through my bones did so with a little extra sparkle (get on that, SCIENCE). But for now I will make do with as much as I can put on my body, not in it.

Gucci has brought one of my not-so-secret favorite colors to the front of the stage while making sure the spotlight hit every sequin and bead to really dazzle you with its beauty. Pink notwithstanding, they've also done wonders with florals, an annual favorite. And because I am a woman with the steadfast belief that you don't need money to have style and armed with the tried-and-true wisdom of knowing that what comes around goes around, I have collected a panoply of vintage dresses, tops, and accessories in pink, floral, sequin, and pink-and-floral-and-sequin design for your shopping pleasure.

Tops & Jackets

I have no puns for these, so here are the deets:

1. Here! 2. Here! 3. Here! 4. Here! 5. Here! 6. Here! 7. Here! 8. Here! 9. Here!

Dresses & Sets

                                           1.  sheer! metallic!  2.  wearable bubblegum!

                                           1. sheer! metallic! 2. wearable bubblegum!