Au Boy!

DID YOU GET THAT TITLE PUN?! It took me all of 30 seconds to create that piece of I'm sorry I can't stop this train once it's on the track!

ANYHOW, as much as I love a statement earring these days, the ones I keep reaching for are a couple of tiny gold hoops with a little extra detail, as seen on my Instagram. It took only a cursory glance on my favorite sites to see that I'm not alone in this love.

Below are a few fun and/or minimal options should you fall prey to the baby gold hoop craze. Most of these options are under $20 (yay!) and none over $50 (double yay!) - so these are all great options without breaking the bank!

1. Pac Man jewelry!

2. Love a little cut-out

3. And some cut-out hoops for our friends without pierced ears

4. Love the little pearls!

5. A bit larger than the others, but with great details!

6. Love the wire wrap of this pair

7. These are favorites!

8. In case circles just aren't your thing

9. Baby bear

10. Mama Bear

11. Cousin bear


Happy shopping!