Gucci-nacci Sequins

That's right, people, a DOUBLE pun in the title because sequins (& flowers) are the name of the Gucci game and I am HERE FOR IT. Anyone who knows me knows that I love sequins to my core; I wish the marrow that runs through my bones did so with a little extra sparkle (get on that, SCIENCE). But for now I will make do with as much as I can put on my body, not in it.

Gucci has brought one of my not-so-secret favorite colors to the front of the stage while making sure the spotlight hit every sequin and bead to really dazzle you with its beauty. Pink notwithstanding, they've also done wonders with florals, an annual favorite. And because I am a woman with the steadfast belief that you don't need money to have style and armed with the tried-and-true wisdom of knowing that what comes around goes around, I have collected a panoply of vintage dresses, tops, and accessories in pink, floral, sequin, and pink-and-floral-and-sequin design for your shopping pleasure.

Tops & Jackets

I have no puns for these, so here are the deets:

1. Here! 2. Here! 3. Here! 4. Here! 5. Here! 6. Here! 7. Here! 8. Here! 9. Here!

Dresses & Sets

                                           1.  sheer! metallic!  2.  wearable bubblegum!

                                           1. sheer! metallic! 2. wearable bubblegum!