Golden Hour

It has been many moons since I last wrote here but I'm back with a burst of inspiration and creativity and ready to jump back into the game! And because I'm about two months into no sunlight here in Antarctica, I'd like to look back at a time last September when the sun shone its golden light on my very golden skirt. 

These were taken, of course, by my Louisville partner-in-crime, Susan Stewart of Love Hunters and I couldn't be happier with what we created. I started this outfit with the skirt which I had thrifted only days prior (after seeing them on everyone from Gucci to Forever 21) and was desperate to break it out. At the time, I had a little extra weight on me and while a cropped top would have been my ideal, we work with what we feel best in and I felt best in this cool vintage tunic with high side slits and badass zippered sleeves. From there it was a matter of adding more black and gold to the mix - though I do want to try this out with some prints or some bright red or orange accessories - and voila! An outfit with a glam gold skirt on a warm, gold evening.

Wearing: Thrifted skirt// Vintage tunic from Acorn Apparel// Vintage earrings, purse, and ring from Street Scene Vintage// sunglasses from BZR Shop// and heels from DSW//